What Makes Us Different

What do we do well?

nxtMOVE is not just a market research company doing surveys. Our legacy of primary research-based market analysis includes talking to contacts to get the right answers to client questions that are not publicly available. Armed with the insight we develop from the market, nxtMOVE’s contribution to our client partnerships is to make recommendations and help clients build business cases that include effective strategies based on market realities. Our results are the combination of various methodologies to most effectively get to the "evidence" that supports a decision.

We communicate with clients constantly during the course of an engagement. This is one of the most important parts of our process/competency. Like our research process, our communication with our clients is iterative. Clients do not always know what questions need to be asked/answered to get to the heart of their strategic question. We have the skills to help them frame the problem/questions and to best understand how to use the insight and recommendations developed. nxtMOVE team members think strategically from our first client discussion throughout the engagement.