Challenges We Help Overcome

nxtMOVE works with our clients early in their decision-making process to understand what is already known and where there are gaps in understanding. We support clients in a broad range of industries looking to take control of their strategies in fast-paced environments. See how nxtMOVE supports key business decisions.

nxtMOVE’s customer loyalty and retention program combines its 30 years of in-depth customer insight experience with scoring metrics to drive repeat business and new and incremental sales volume. Through our Voice of the Customer (VOC) experience, we leverage our expertise in identifying customer needs and illustrating the opportunities inherent in those needs, with Net Promoter Score (NPS®) and Customer Effort Score (CES) metrics to track performance, pinpoint bottlenecks and uncover process deficiencies.

In today’s world of 60-second news cycles, it is increasingly difficult to know how brands are performing relative to the competition. We know it is difficult to stay ahead of the media curve, however, our ability to synthesize in-depth qualitative brand insight with high volume analytical brand data empowers our clients with the tools to anticipate changes in perceived brand performance, and make the necessary mid-course adjustments to maintain a competitive edge.

Customer due diligence is essential in determining the ultimate value of any acquisition. We are experts at identifying red flags, validating the revenue stream you are acquiring, and keeping negotiation leverage on your side of the table.

Market landscaping provides the insight needed to invest in the best “go to market” strategies. We predict market size and growth potential, end-user trends, key factors for success, and barriers to entry. We help you evaluate the market terrain and prepare to effectively navigate for successful growth.

A firm understanding of market size/share and the directions they are moving is critical, whether benchmarking the competition, diversifying into adjacent products and market segments or acquiring. We understand how to collect and analyze competitor and market data and present it to you in a way that enhances confidence in your strategic decision making.

Every company reaches a point in its history where growth in existing product categories or channels stagnate. So what do you do to counter growth stagnancies? Leverage existing expertise, experience and customer relationships to unveil previously unidentified growth opportunities. nxtMOVE combines its years of buy-side acquisition search expertise with customer insight research and analysis methodologies to uncover these adjacent market opportunities. We introduce clients to several different and actionable adjacent market opportunities with different risk-reward profiles.

Is your channel strategy most effectively balanced to capitalize on traditional and emerging channels? Our channel analysis and recommendations will help you optimize your existing channels and develop new avenues to market.

Just when you think your strategic plan is hitting its stride, a new technology, channel, competitor or process hits the market to impede your momentum. nxtMOVE sees these disruptions – whether large or small – on a regular basis. The good news is that these changes in the market don’t have to stymie growth. nxtMOVE’s combination of research methodologies drives to the core of the change, how it is successful, and most importantly how its impact can be minimized. We provide in-depth analysis from interviews with the architects of these disruptions, enabling our clients to leverage their own capabilities to continue to pursue their strategic goals, or make minor adjustments with limited impact on growth.

Identifying and understanding ever-changing competitive, upstream and downstream market developments, including unrealized customer needs, is critical to your company’s positioning for future growth. While some competitors react, we help our clients anticipate and shape future market conditions.

What drives product and service innovation? Internal and external technological innovation, changing economics, customer needs and preferences, unforeseen externalities…? We know it is all of the above and more. Our clients rely on us to identify and prioritize the most relevant trends that impact their innovation initiatives.

Competitive and best practices benchmarking can help evaluate your relative industry position in order to drive leadership performance targets and goals. We benchmark competitors and “best-in-class” companies in other industries to provide a clear understanding of how these companies succeed.

Strategic acquisition search can provide proprietary opportunities to grow your business. nxtMOVE identifies, evaluates and helps buy-side clients close targeted acquisitions by providing original and continual deal-flow.

An acquisition can only be deemed successful when the portfolio company meets the five-year growth and exit targets. nxtMOVE employs market analysis to help executive management better understand customer and market dynamics, and develop and execute growth strategies that contribute to achieving the highest possible sale price.